American Spaces

American Spaces (AS) are a worldwide network of publicly-accessible places that enable U.S. Embassies to build and strengthen relationships with the host country communities, showcase American Culture and values, promote English language learning, give first hand accurate information about the United States higher education system, and foster goodwill and mutual understanding.

SPACES for conversations, information and engagement

With nearly 850 Spaces worldwide, American Spaces provide access to the latest, in-depth information about the United States, Connecting Americans and host country citizens in engaging discussions on United States policy, society, culture and values. American Spaces Promote open dialogue and build bridges of understanding.

Hosted in embassies, schools, libraries, and other partner institutions worldwide, American Spaces provide welcoming environments where foreign visitors can connect and learn about the United States. U.S. experts, U.S. government officials, and other Americans engage visitors on U.S. policy and society. Alumni gather to share experiences and reconnect with America.

American Spaces are platforms for teaching skills providing information. Visitors can find answers to questions about U.S. and issues of global concern. They can connect to the U.S. on sensitive but important issues such as HIV/AIDS and human trafficking – through digital programs. Poster shows and other exhibits illustrate the diversity of American society.

American Spaces in Venezuela:

Address: Av. Principal de la Mercedes.
Phone Number: (0212) 993-7911 / (0212) 993-8422

Address: Av. Urdaneta, Edif. Pasaje La Seguridad, Piso 1.
Phone Number: (0212) 563-6561

Address: Calle 147 cruce con 102, Urbanización Carabobo, Valencia.
Phone Number: (0241) 412 1622/23

Address: Sector Las Mercedes, calle 63 Nº3E-60, Maracaibo.
Phone Number: (0261) 2000633.

Facebook: Cevaz Zulia / Twitter: @cevazzulia / Instagram: cevaz_zulia

Address: Prolongación Av. 2 Lora, Esquina calle 43 #1-55, Urb. El Encanto, Mérida.
Phone Number: (0274) 263-1362 / (0274) 263-1490