International Writing Program Fall Residency

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Call for Nominations for the 2020 International Writing Program Fall Residency

Closing date: April 3, 2020


IWP furthers participants’ professional development, and understanding of creative writing, literature, publishing and U.S societal values. Program activities will provide international writers with opportunities to engage with the U.S. creative economy and culture and encourage American writers to connect with priority foreign audiences. IWP’s host institution, the University of Iowa, is also home to the world-renowned Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

The Fall Residency convenes emerging and recognized writers from around the world for an immersive 12-week program designed to boost creativity, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, support professional development, and promote freedom of expression. The Fall Residency is scheduled to take place from August 30 to November 17, 2020. (Note: Program dates may be affected by COVID-19.)


The IWP is open to established and emerging writers of fiction, graphic novels, drama, poetry, and screenplays from any country. Candidates should have a significant publication record; at least one published book or screenplay/play, or a record of publishing regularly over the previous two years in traditional or online media. The working language of the program is English, and candidates are expected to be proficient speakers of English. Candidates need not write in English; the program provides translation for their creative work as needed. Nominees must be comfortable with cross-cultural dynamics, and eager to engage with other writers from diverse cultures. Nominees must be adults between the age of 21 and 65, non-U.S. citizens who are able to travel to the United States and stay for the full twelve weeks. Family members and others are not allowed to accompany the writers during the Fall Residency.


Send to your resume in English and 10 to 15 text pages in English of and the original version in Spanish.

For more information, please write to: