Regional English Language Office (RELO)

RELO is based in Lima, Peru and provides service to the Andean Region (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela). It supports public diplomacy outreach through English language teaching and training. The Office also collaborates with local authors to create region-specific material that addresses key ELT and cross-cultural issues.

It cooperates with Ministries of Education, Bi-National Centers, professional teachers’ associations, Fulbright, Peace Corps, public and private universities and other higher education institutes, among other partners, in order to build a stronger understanding between the peoples of the Andean region of Latin America and the U.S. by furthering excellence in English language instruction and by incorporating civic, leadership, cross-cultural and information technology skills into the modern language classroom.

Among the activities promoted by RELO you may find:

  • Webinars with Specialists: This is a monthly teacher training webinars. Find information on their Facebook page
  • Shaping the Way We Teach English: this is a video-based teacher training program that is downloadable from internet
  • Ask RELO: Join RELO on Facebook, every Monday, 5 to 6PM (in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia), 6 to 7 PM in Bolivia and 5:30 to 6:30 PM in Venezuela for “Ask RELO Andes” live.

For more information, please visit: