Access and Security

Getting to the Embassy

There is no parking at the Embassy.  We strongly advise that applicants use public transportation or a taxi to get to the Embassy.   There is a taxi line that runs from the Embassy, which you can use to get you wherever you need to go after your appointment.

Access to the Embassy

The Embassy is a restricted zone.  Only applicants and, in the case of minors or individuals in need of physical assistance, their companions or guardians, will be allowed to enter.

All visa applicants must be present at the consular interview. This includes children under 14 and adults over 80.

Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes early to your appointment, as there is no waiting area outside the Embassy.

Please be prepared for the weather.  You may find yourself waiting in an uncovered space – so please bring your umbrella, rain coat, sunglasses, water, etc. to protect yourself from the elements.

Security Procedures and Prohibited Items

You will pass through several security checks.  To speed up the process, we encourage you to limit the amount of jewelry and metal items you bring with you.

The following items are prohibited, and trying to enter the Embassy with one of them may result in the loss of your appointment:

  • Electronic items including cell phones, cameras, audio and video players, laptops, pagers, MP3 players, and portable gaming devices.
  • Weapons, items that may be confused for weapons, and replicas of weapons including guns, knives, pepper spray, explosives, metal razors, nail clippers, and scissors.
  • Lighters
  • Sealed envelopes (all envelopes must be opened)
  • Large bags including travel bags, backpacks and briefcases (bags containing medicine or baby supplies will be allowed)

The Embassy does not provide any kind of storage for personal items and does not take responsibility for any items you chose to leave with other individuals.