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International Migrants Day
December 21, 2022


On International Migrants Day, we recognize the contributions of individual migrants, as well as their rights and struggles, and reiterate the United States’ actions to support safe, orderly, and humane migration around the world.

There are hundreds of millions of international migrants globally, each a person with a name, a unique story, and a reason for leaving their home. People migrate for work or education, to reunite with families, and to seek new opportunities for themselves as well as their families. Some migrate temporarily and return home, while others seek to immigrate safely and lawfully to other countries.

Migration is also happening in a context of significant forced displacement. While most people move by choice, some 100 million people have also tragically been forcibly displaced worldwide, including by failing authoritarian regimes.  Climate change has caused millions to leave their homes.  Disasters alone led to 23.7 million internal displacements in 2021.

Conflict, violence, persecution, human rights violations and abuses, economic hardship, as well as climate change push people to undertake dangerous journeys in search of safety and better opportunities. The challenges of irregular migration exacerbated by COVID-19 and climate impacts are difficult, but they are not impossible to address if all nations face them together. No single country can address and resolve migration issues on its own.

The United States recognizes that to achieve safe, orderly, humane, and regular migration, we need comprehensive regional and global plans that address these complex issues. For example, since June, 21 countries, including the United States, have endorsed the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection to strengthen our shared response to irregular migration and forced displacement throughout the Western Hemisphere. We are now joining with our partners to turn the Declaration’s principles into joint action.

The United States is proud to be the largest single provider of humanitarian assistance worldwide reaching people in need, including refugees, conflict victims, internally displaced persons, stateless persons, and vulnerable migrants. In FY 2022, the United States provided more than $17 billion in humanitarian assistance – an increase of more than 30 percent over the prior year.

The United States is committed to working collaboratively with governments, civil society, international organizations, and other partners to address the root causes of irregular migration and to manage migration humanely.

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