Venezuela Treasury Sanctions

  Blocking property of additional persons contributing to the situation in Venezuela (November 1, 2018) The United States Imposes Sanctions on Venezuelan Individuals and Entities (September 25, 2018) Treasury Targets Venezuelan President Maduro’s Inner Circle and Proceeds of Corruption in the United States (September 25, 2018) OFAC publishes changes to the purchase of PDVSA 2020 bonus and also expands 2 new issues in the frequently asked questions (July 19, 2018) Treasury Targets Influential Former Venezuelan Official and His Corruption Network (May 18, 2018) Treasury Sanctions Four Current or Former Venezuelan Officials Associated with Economic Mismanagement and Corruption (March 19, 2018) Treasury Sanctions Ten Venezuelan Government Officials (November 9, 2017) Statement by the Press Secretary on New Financial Sanctions on Venezuela  (August 25, 2017) Treasury Sanctions Eight Individuals Involved in Venezuela’s Illegitimate Constituent Assembly (August 9, 2017) Treasury Sanctions the President of Venezuela (July 31, 2017) Treasury Sanctions Eight Members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (May 18, 2017)
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U.S. Support to Venezuela

Remarks by President Trump to the Venezuelan American Community  (February 18, 2019) The United States Provides Second Tranche of Humanitarian Assistance in Cúcuta, Colombia, to Help Venezuelans in Need  (February 16, 2019) U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green’s Remarks at the Tienditas Warehouse in Cucuta, Colombia  (February 16, 2019) Treasury Sanctions Officials Aligned with Former President Nicolas Maduro and Involved in Repression and Corruption  (February 15, 2019) Joint Statement by President Donald J. Trump and President Ivan Duque Marquez on the Crisis in Venezuela  (February 13, 2019) The United States Supports the Venezuelan People With Humanitarian Assistance  (February 7, 2019) Recognition of Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s Interim President by Several European Countries  (February 4, 2019) Remarks by Vice President Pence at Venezuela Solidarity Event | Doral, Florida  (February 1, 2019) USAID administrator Green’s phone call with interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó  (January 30, 2019) Readout of Vice President Pence’s Meeting with Ambassador Carlos Vecchio, Ambassador Julio Borges, and Venezuelan Leaders  (January 29, 2019) Protecting Venezuela’s Assets for Benefit of Venezuelan People  (January 29, 2019) President Donald J. Trump Supports the Venezuelan People’s Efforts to Restore Democracy in Their Country  (January 29, 2019) Presidential Message to the Congress on Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Venezuela  (January 28, 2019) Executive Order on Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Venezuela  (January 28, 2019) Treasury Sanctions Venezuela’s State-Owned Oil Company Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.  (January 28, 2019) Sanctions Against PDVSA and Venezuela Oil Sector  (January 28, 2019) Representative of the Government of Venezuela to the United States  (January 27, 2019) Remarks at a United Nations Security Council Meeting on Venezuela  (January 26, 2019) Remarks at a Press Stakeout  (January ...
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Secretary Tillerson and the U.S. Engagement in the Western Hemisphere

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson  Secretary of State University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas February 1, 2018   SECRETARY TILLERSON: Thank you, thank you so much. And thank you, Greg, for that very kind, warm introduction, inviting me back home today. And I want to thank those at the Clements Center of National Security and the ...
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