Renew an Adult Passport

Know before You Apply

You do not need an interview when you use form DS-82 to renew your U.S. passport.  A friend or family member may bring your application to the U.S. Embassy in Caracas on your behalf.  However, that person must bring a letter authorizing them to submit your application on their behalf and their valid government-issued photo ID.

Adults can renew their passport if the previous passport:

  • Was issued when the applicant was 16 years old or older;
  • Was issued less than 15 years ago;
  • Was issued with the same name or the applicant can show the necessary documents to justify the change of name;
  • It’s not lost, stolen, or damaged.

If you don’t comply with one of the requirements mentioned above, please follow the instructions to Apply for a First-Time Passport.

Requirements for All Applicants

When you have completed all the steps below and have all documents in order, you are ready to apply.  Please note: if you do not have all your documents in order, you may be asked to return to the ACS Unit at a later date.  Keep in mind that the Consular Officer has the discretion to request more information.  The ACS Unit does not receive passport applications outside of business hours, on weekends on holidays and administrative days or via email, internet or fax.  If you have questions, please email the ACS Unit at

Present your application materials in person at the ACS Unit at the embassy on the day of your interview.

You must schedule an appointment for an interview through our Online appointment system by selecting the option: “Apply for a second passport”.

Each applicant must have their own appointment.  We will only accept one application per appointment.

Please remember that appointments are only available Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Form DS-82

Complete form DS-82 and bring it SIGNED with you on the day of your interview.

Evidence of Applicant’s U.S. Citizenship

Please bring your most recent U.S. passport as evidence of your citizenship.  Your most recent U.S. passport must be cancelled by our office before you receive a new one.  Photocopies or notarized/certified copies are not accepted.

Evidence of the Applicant’s Identity

All passport applications must include valid and original documentation of identity.  You must present at least one of the following original documents.  Photocopies or notarized/certified copies are not accepted.

  • Venezuelan Passport or cédula
  • Valid and signed government-issued photo ID
Two (2) Passport-Sized Photos

Photos must be in color, 2 inches by 2 inches, and on a white background.  Photos should show the full face and ears of the applicant.  See examples of acceptable photos.

Copies of Original Documents

You must make copies of all original documents, including passports and IDs, which you will present with your application.  If you do not have copies, you will be asked to return with copies.  Photocopies must be on white, 8 ½ x 11’ standard paper stock (letter size).  All copies must be single-sided.

Present your application materials in person at the ACS Unit at the embassy on the day of your appointment.

Click here for more information about accessing the U.S. embassy.

Pay the application fee in cash in U.S. dollars or with a U.S. credit card at the embassy on the day of your interview.

The fee for your new passport is $110.00. All fees are non-refundable.