U.S. Embassy Rejects Unfounded Allegations Regarding the Death of Mr. Tomas Lucena


Press Statement
Public Affairs Office
Media Unit
January 19, 2018

U.S. Embassy Rejects Unfounded Allegations Regarding the Death of Mr. Tomas Lucena

January 19, 2018, Caracas. The Embassy of the United States of America in Venezuela emphatically rejects President Maduro’s unfounded public assertions on January 11 that the United States was involved in the untimely death and reportedly brutal murder of Tomas Lucena. The Embassy of the United States expresses its deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones of the deceased

The Embassy further rejects the continuing allegations that the United States is seeking to overthrow the government of Venezuela. The Embassy of the United States is deeply disturbed that senior Venezuelan officials continue to deliberately difundir these falsehoods and disinformation. Such outlandish and inflammatory comments foster widespread and unfounded animosity designed to drive a wedge between our peoples who historically enjoy warm and friendly relations. Furthermore, such reckless comments increase the personal risk and physical dangers faced by personnel at the United States Embassy in Caracas and United States citizens in Venezuela. Our concern has been conveyed in formal terms to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

If you have questions, please contact the U.S. Embassy Caracas Media Unit at CaracasPress@state.gov.